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Our Success Story:


Established in 2007, we started out as a small sandwich shop named Richmond Deli. Afterwards to encompass Asian culinary we changed our name to Fresh Food To Go. Our natural growth all began at Fresh Food To Go, a place for passion infused Korean, Japanese and sandwich culinary.

In 2016, our dream to one day expand to serve our full culinary capacity was realized. Yummy Korea was born in recognition of our heritage and unique culinary style, showcasing harmony of homemade style taste and culinary craftsmanship.

We are passionate and proud of our commitment to serving quality taste using our crafted sauces and fresh ingredients. We love preparing traditional Korean, modern Japanese and sandwich cuisine sharing essence of quality homemade taste and freshness.

Passion, respect, caring, honesty and kindness encompass the values we bring to our craft and is always strive to be exceeded.

Our homemade style combined with culinary experience allows us to deliver taste only found in a Korean home, a rarity among Korean restaurant, and modern Japanese and sandwich dishes prepared with the type of care that exceeds found elsewhere.  The difference you will notice.



Anna Lee – Head Chef – Owner

”Fresh, Homemade, Quality”

Anna Lee has been making Korean and sandwich cuisine in Richmond Hill and Toronto for over 19 years. She is the sole restaurateur in Richmond Hill to serve Korean, Japanese and sandwich culinary all in one place. Anna is able to offer this unique experience through her diverse culinary talent that showcase sandwich artistry and traditional Korean culinary knowledge from Seoul, South Korea.

Anna’s appreciation of food started at a young age, receiving traditional Korean culinary training by her mother back home. Since Korean homemade style knowledge is usually preserved through mother to daughter Anna brings deep experience in traditional home-style taste and its preparation. Her generation is the last one to be raised on Korean food prepared traditionally before modern cooking equipment.

Her unique style is serving homemade style Korean taste that is tastier and prepared better than how it’s made at home. It’s never restaurant style here.

Anna has 9 years of management experience in sandwich and deli giving her talent to serve fresh sandwiches. Anna enjoys spending time with family and creating unique recipes and taste found nowhere elsewhere.

Kevin Cho – Head Chef – Co-owner

“Fresh Quality Ingredients & In-House Crafted Sauces”

Kevin began learning his artistic talent of sushi making and Japanese culinary at reputed establishments in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. After 6 years of developing his skills as head chef he moved to Yummy Korea to serve Japanese culinary using his recipes, crafted sauces and high standard.

Kevin’s artistic skills create our in-house crafted sauces and seasoning that is wholesomely delicious and prepared with fresh quality ingredients. Kevin suggests trying the teriyaki menu served with our crafted teriyaki sauce, a true gem made from quality ingredients and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Kevin’s Japanese culinary expertise is another dynamic element that has expanded our menu. Our maki rolls is always hand rolled using fresh ingredients for quality taste. Kevin’s artistic skills have added beautiful taste and sophistication to Yummy Korea restaurant. The taste from his in-house crafted sauces, seasoning and Japanese culinary show the real artistry of his work.


We are located at 10231 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3B2